Slight Risk of Severe Thunderstorms is Forecast Today and/or Tonight
Severe thunderstorm gusts of 60-75 mph and large hail are expected late this afternoon and evening across parts of the northern and southern Plains.

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May 16, 2022 - 1145CDT: We at Place Nation apologize for being down for nearly a week. GoDaddy had us blocked due to attempts to hack into our system along with all the data we are pushing to the servers. After many hours and several attempts to work with GoDaddy, they magically were able to get our system unblocked and back to normal. This blockage impacted our website where it was completely down, no data transfers were allowed and no placefiles were allowed to be updated.

Placefile Nation was created and is maintained by a team of meteorologists to provide weather data for GR2 and GR3 applications over the United States. Analyzing radar, with reliable data overlays, provides a more seamless, worry-free experience. We know this, which is why we manage and monitor our own data feeds. In an effort to make our site more useful, we appreciate feedback sent to



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Thunderstorm Outlooks

The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma issues convective (thunderstorms) outlooks and discussions for significant weather impacts. Available through Placefile Nation are:

Day 1 Convective Outlook and Mesoscale Discussions:
Sampled every 5 minutes

Day 1 Tornado, Hail, and Wind Probabilities
Sampled every 5 minutes

Day 2 and Day 3 Convective Outlooks:
Sampled every 30 minutes


Watches and Warnings

Get realtime county watch, advisories, and alert data, color-coded to NWS standards. This includes empty-fill polygons and filled, county-based watches, warnings, and alerts. Get flood warnings and advisories along with Special Weather Statements with the Polygon placefile. Just need the severe and tornado watches, just use the severeWatch placefile.
--- Shaded ---
--- Not Shaded ---
Sampled every 5 minutes



CoCoRaHS Data

Visually see the cocorahs rain and snow reports from across the US.
Zeros and Traces are removed
Sampled every 30 minutes from 11Z to 20Z



Atlantic Hurricane Tracks

Visually see forecast tracks of Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico Tropical Storms and Hurricanes. Only visible near radar covered landmasses.
Data sampled every 10 minutes from NHC




Near Real-Time Lightning

Plot total lightning data (intra-cloud and cloud-to-ground) near realtime:

20 to 60 minute combined lightning strikes
20 to 40 minute combined lightning strikes
20 minute lightning strikes
Sampled every 4 minutes.

Crowd-sourced mPING Data

See what spotters and weather enthusiasts see and report! Icons are larger and more representative of mPING data. For example, hail reports are readable without having to hover over the icon. Numerical output is built right into the hail placefile.
Sampled every 4 minutes.




Placefile Nation brings over 10,000 color-coded observation data to GR applications, making them easy-to-read. With our METAR observations, visually see the wind direction and speed, along with gusts, temperature, dew points, pressure and visibility. The center plot will depict the weather conditions reported.
Sampled every 20 minutes

Placefile Nation now brings additional color-coded observation data. The links below are individual placefiles for temp, dewpoint, visibility, wind gusts, and heat index.
Sampled every 20 minutes


Misc Plots

Plot the County Warning Areas, radar status, and TN Mile Markers.



Tennessee APRS and MTEARS

See the APRS stations specific to !TNWX hams across Middle Tennessee and stations in and around TN.
The well known MTEARS Repeater Link System and information for each repeater site.


Color Curves

BR Color Curve

Base Reflectivity

BV Color Curve

Base Velocity

SRV Color Curve

Storm-Relative Velocity (SRV/SRM)